Kipandi Butterfly Park

The gorgeously scenic park is surrounded by the hills of the Crocker Range. Lying at 700 meters altitude, it is rich in entomofauna. To date, in Kipandi Butterfly Park there are:

Over 1,500 butterfly specimens
Over 100 species of butterflies, among the recorded species are Troides Brookiana (Raja Brook’s Birding) and Troides Amphrysus (Golden Birding).
Over 3,000 beetles which include endemic species that are only found in the Crocker Range such as the Cyclommatus Chewi.
As many as 500 species of native orchids
40 species of Hoyas
5 species of Lipstick flowers
28 species “carnivourous” pitcher plants and medicinal plants.

Special enclosures have also been constructed to house some of the rare and endangered species of Sabahan orchids and pitcher plants. This project is a joint collaboration with the Sabah Wildlife Department.

The park also initiates a free educational guided walk program for school children. This program is aimed at raising the awareness of the younger generations regarding the precious entomofauna of Sabah.



Product Contact

Kipandi Entomofauna Ecotours Sdn Bhd (889574-P) (KPL/LN: 6210)
Unit No. A 1017,
10th Floor Phase 1, Wisma Merdeka,
88000 Kota Kinabalu,Sabah.

Mr.Linus Gokusing:  019-5302298
Mr.Stevan Chew, Operation/Park Manager:  013-8739092

Article last reviewed: March 17, 2022

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