Mara Kara Hill & Eco Tourism, Tamparuli

There’s no denying that Mara Kara Hill can provide a thrilling adventure with its hiking trail options – 2.5km, 6km and 9km. For as low as RM35 per person, guest can sign up for this trail package and enjoy a great expedition into the dense jungle.

For many local, this trail has become their training ground to prepare for their Mount Kinabalu conquest. Although the Mara Kara Hill is just about 641m or 21013ft tall, the trail is not to be underestimated.  Some described it as challenging, energy-draining but worth the pain. Going through the rugged jungle path, expect uneven floor, potruding roots, big rocks, and multiple river crossing. Yet above all that, don’t forget to appreciate the uniqueness of nature along the way. Borneo’s forest is known to be one of the most biodiverse areas on this planet and home to hundreds of different living species. Big ferns, spiralling tree, exotic mushrooms and wild fruits are some of the highlights.

During the trek, hikers look forward to resting at the Mantaranau Campsite, sets in the middle of the trail and located next to the river. But the ultimate joy would be to conquer the peak of Mara Kara Hill. ‘Kara’ in Dusun language means monkey. It’s a type of monkey that used to inhibit Sinalapak Village before there was any settlement. However, when the village was resided by the communities, the monkeys have moved to this hill, hence called the Mara Kara Hill. To celebrate guest’s achievement, each hiker will be rewarded with a certificate as a souvenir.

The starting point and centre is about 25km from Tamparuli town or about a 40-minute drive. No public transportation is available hence visitors are advised to self-drive or hire a taxi with direct drop-off at the centre. If you are keen on some outdoor challenge and interested to test your physical endurance, the Mara Kara Hill and Eco-Tourism might be the one for you. Contact the coordinator team in advance to arrange for your expedition.


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Mara Kara Hill & Eco-Tourism

Article last reviewed: December 2, 2021

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