Tamparuli Bridge

Located in a small town in the sub-district of Tuaran, the low bridge beside the current, attractive-looking Tamparuli Suspension Bridge owns a legendary tale and the strong structure is still used today as an alternative route for communities to commute between the small-township of Tamparuli to the main road on the opposite side. The bridge has sustained so many floods events and one such significant event that was commemorated is a piece of a plaque erected in memory of 2 British soldiers who lost their lives on 18th May 1960 in trying to save the life of a local woman.

According to the folktales, the construction of Tamparuli Low Bridge was led by a British engineer during the post-war colonial period to provide an easy and better access for the villagers.”The bridge continuously collapsed due to it being washed away by the river currents during rainy seasons. After several attempts to rebuild the bridge failed, the villagers consulted a medium who helped them to communicate with the spiritual world.”The spirits said the bridge was constructed on a sacred site and ‘Ombuakar’, the spirit said to live inside the Tamparuli River, demanded a fair maiden for a human sacrifice as compensation.


Today, the Tamparuli Suspension Bridge gains much attention due to its tall structure and colourful appearance. The wall designs and paint changes over time but it remains a favourite stopover point among the local to take a brief walk along the sturdy suspension bridge.

Visitors can also enjoy a short traditional dance performance by a community of volunteers at the starting point of the suspension bridge. No charges to cross or visit but visitors can leave a tip for the group of dancer.

To reach this attraction, visitors can take public bus (Direction to Tamparuli) from the Bus Station at Bandaran Berjaya. Communicate with bus driver for drop-off at the Tamparuli Suspension Bridge (Jambatan Tamparuli). Fees is approximately RM5.00 per way. Alternatively, one can easily self-drive or take an e-hailing car service.


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Article last reviewed: August 16, 2022

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