Murug Turug Eco Tourism, Tamparuli

The Murug Turug waterfalls tour is run by the Murug Turug Eco-Tourism (MTET) committee at Minangkob Village, Tamparuli. For outdoor lover, the tour gives the exhilarating experience of jungle trekking through demanding trails and a chance to marvel at the beauty of natural waterfalls.

MTET offers 3 type of packages – A, B, and C.

Package A offers the shortest 4km return trek to the main Murug Turug Waterfall. For those looking for an added challenge, package B is about 5km return journey and will lead you to discover 3 waterfalls. Package C is a physical endurance testing trail that is 12km long but will cover all the 7 waterfalls of MTET. The 7 waterfalls are Malas Kalas waterfall, Minansur 1 waterfall, Minansur 2 waterfall, Labuan waterfall, Murug Turug waterfall, Piolungan waterfall and last but not least Kionop waterfall.

Leeches are hardly seen but the trails are not to be underrated. It’s a series of uphill and downhill challenge passing through uneven floor and slippery rocky streams. But you will find joy upon reaching every other waterfall. Visitors are allowed to swim for all 7 waterfalls, however, only the main Murug Turug waterfall are equipped with small resting huts and toilet facility. Camping is also allowed at the Murug Turug Waterfall area. Visitors usually take their leisure time to have a picnic or have their packed lunch here.  There’s also the viewpoint ‘Pogigimpaan Murug Turug’ on top of the hill, of which visitors can have their photos taken with the cascading Murug Turug waterfall in the background.

A full loop of the 12km trail will take about 8 hours worth of trekking journey. Hence it is recommended to start your trekking early if you are planning to explore the longer trail. There will be a safety briefing by the local guide before every trekking.

The Murug Turug tour can be booked through travel agents or directly to the MTET community. Since the trip requires early departure, the team at MTET also provide the convenience to pre-arrange your breakfast and lunch pack for the trip. If you are travelling from Kota Kinabalu, Murug Turug Eco-Tourism is about 55 minutes drive. Best to self-drive, engage with your travel agent to include transfer or rent a taxi from downtown directly to the centre.


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Article last reviewed: May 9, 2022

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