Nohutu Eco-Tourism

At Nohutu Eco-Tourism, have a good time camping at one of Kota Belud’s best campsite. Situated next to the Panataran River, the place offers a majestic view of the countryside, with visibly seen layers of silhouettes of the hills, a glimpse of the iconic Mount Kinabalu and bottomless crystal cool water from the mountain. The best view to anticipate is during the early morning and late afternoon. On a clear day, guest can even spot 3 prominent mountain peaks – Mount Kinabalu, Mount Nungkok and Mount Nopungguk from afar.

The Nohutu Eco-Tourism offers a few accommodation options. There are bamboo and hobbit huts complete with basic mattresses and blankets to keep you comfy throughout the night.  Alternatively for those who are ready to rough it out, camping tents are available for rent. However, expect communal bathrooms which are separated by gender.

For leisure, visitors are free to enjoy around the campsite. River bathing, lounge on the hammocks, plan a barbeque fiesta or explore the neighbourhood. The iconic suspension bridge is just a few metres away and has attracted photographers and visitors looking forward to taking the best photo of the area especially when Mount Kinabalu is apparent.

Another best keep secret of Nohutu Eco-Tourism is the small lagoon located behind their lodging site. Take a short 15-minute walk along their herbal trail and down to a rugged path that leads to a small lagoon, where you can enjoy a dip and feel undisturbed with only the peaceful nature surrounding you. But do not limit yourself to the lagoon only, the fresh cooling Panataran river awaits for you to take joy in. Late night is when the pitch-black sky creates a magical scene. Being remotely in the countryside with very little light pollution, the area has become a favourite place for stargazers too.

If you came less prepared for your trip, do not fret. There is a canteen at the reception office to buy snacks and other goods.  You can also book your stay with Nohutu Eco-Tourism complete with a package of home-cooked traditional meals for your breakfast, lunch or dinner.

From Kota Kinabalu, best to hire a taxi or take the minibus at Jalan Padang bus station for direct drop-off at Nohutu Eco-Tourism. Otherwise, rent a car with Google map or Waze Apps assistance for direction. This will give you the flexibility to visit other attractions nearby in the Kota Belud district.

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Article last reviewed: February 23, 2022

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