Tanak Nabalu Homestay


Located 43km from Kota Kinabalu via Tamparuli-Ranau road at an elevation of 650m above sea level, is the charming community of Tanak Nabalu Homestay at Kg Lobong-Lobong, Kota Belud. Tanak Nabalu Homestay name derived from a stone called Tanak Watu Kinabalu which translated into ‘small rock of Mount Kinabalu’. With an attractive view of Mount Kinabalu as the everyday background, there’s no wonder people enjoyed their rural living experience at this homestay.

Visitors are escaping the busy town in exchange for a humble outing in a yet exciting adventure at Tanak Nabalu Homestay. Among the highlights are jungle trekking into the forest trails and a chance to live in the ‘back-to-basics’ moment at the Kintoki Base Camp. To make it more interesting, there are few trails available with varied difficulties level. You will pass by interesting points such as the Dopuan Cave and Korumotaki River. There’s also another route that leads to the orchid trail, rafflesia trail and waterfall. The camp might be rustic and basic, but you’ll soon learn priceless survival skills like how to fish or set an animal trap and collectively cook your meal.

If you are not daring enough for the camp, the homestay opens its home for visitors to enjoy the comfortable amenities. There is also the history and Kg Lobong-Lobong traditional house with a gallery of their ancestors’ paraphernalia. Take this opportunity to pick up new exotic skills such as –  how to play the gongs, how to traditionally separate the rice and its husk and learn to cook their traditional dishes. Set yourself away on this trip by trading the everyday busyness and give yourself a chance to embrace the rural lifestyle at Tanak Nabalu Homestay.

Pre-arrangement is necessary. Kindly book ahead with the coordinator.

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Djuanis Mogirong (Coordinator)

Article last reviewed: November 17, 2022

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