Nopungguk Homestay

Located within the area of 3 villages- Kg Gansurai, Kg Podos and Kg. Tinata, Nopungguk Homestay is located about 29 kilometres from Kota Belud town, or roughly a two-hour drive from Kota Kinabalu City.

This homestay allows you to observe the culture of the Dusun tribe community. Stay, eat and experience as the local do it. This is your chance to learn the rhythmic steps of ‘Tigol, Saradang and Sumayau’ dance too. A variety of traditional food can be sampled and you can get attractive handmade souvenirs made from local resources like tree barks and ropes. The most popular designs are the baskets, mat and bag.

To climb Mount Nopungguk, a permit is required because it is located within the area of Kinabalu National Park and under the authority of Sabah Park. You can request for this assistance from the Nopungguk Homestay coordinator. The climb offers an interesting hiking experience as you go through different trails and landscape. Among the highlights of the trail is the huge Mirolian Stone, Rafflesia Park, Coffin Cave and Bat Cave. Feast your eyes with Mount Nopungguk botanic wonders like the rare Rafflesia flower, nepenthes plants, huge Ling Zhi, and ancient giant trees. Paddy fields can also be seen in many parts of the villages.

A less difficult trek also leads to the 60m height of Wasai Waterfall, where one can enjoy the refreshing water and have a swim. There is also the Molingud Tinata River which allows visitors for a recreational swim and is a popular picnic site. Interestingly, the ‘Gong Stone’ at Molingub Tinata River is a special stone that can make six different gong sounds when you hit it.

To sum it, there is never-ending excitement to look forward to in this homestay. Further activities can be discussed with the homestay provider of which they are more than happy to assist.

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Mr. Sarun Lambut

Article last reviewed: August 23, 2022

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