Melangkap Homestay

The Melangkap Homestay is located in a remote Kota Belud village near Lows Gully outlet. The village gained attention after the devastating Sabah earthquake that hit in 2015. The remains of the earthquake and in addition to some floods after that has caused the geographical landscape of the Pantaran River to change drastically and turned it into an attractive destination. The villagers then took the opportunity to promote Kampung Melangkap as a rural tourist attraction, offering activities like camping, tubing, hiking and river rafting.

In addition to beautiful and rich natural surroundings, the cool and crystal clear water flowing freshly from Mount Kinabalu into the river will tempt visitors, even more so knowing that it is just at the doorstep of Melangkap Homestay. The stunning image of the mountain is definitely hard to miss and very eye-catching. The mountain is more apparent in the morning and during sunset hour.

Among the facilities provided at the homestay are accommodation options, parking area, BBQ set, karaoke set and in-house game. However, if you have any particular request and favour, all you need is to ask the homestay operator. They are very hospitable and happy to accommodate.


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Encik Rubin Guribah

Article last reviewed: December 2, 2021

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