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One of the most amazing takeout from Guas Nabalu Homestay is the excitement of Sabah rural life experience. Although being remotely in the highlands, the opportunity to explore is endless and there are lots of exciting things a guest can do. Among the activities offered is hiking to Nuluh Lingion Summit (1420m) and Mount Nungkok (1652m). Mount Nungkok peak is often described as little Kinabalu as it usually photographed next to the highest mountain in Malaysia. However, many described the climb to Mount Nungkok as challenging and steep. The uneven and less travelled trails made it tougher yet adventurous.

If you are not into scaling mountain peaks, trekking to waterfalls might thrill you. A guided trek to Diba Titiu Waterfalls (12km), Dutason Waterfalls and Kinotoki Waterfalls (16km) can be arranged too. Along the way, guests will discover the beauty of the dense primary forest while learning jungle survival skills from the local experts.

But that is just half the fun of this homestay experience. Do you know that residents of Kampung Kiau Nuluh have planted Coffee Arabica beans? Ginsos Arabica Coffee has become one of the tourist’s attractions at Guas Nabalu Homestay. The enterprising community have also been producing Cocoa and Pineapple-based products. Guests at the homestay will have the opportunity to visit the farm and factory of this cottage industry that helps sustain the economic livelihood of this rural community.

Guas Nabalu Homestay offers few accommodations option. From private family room to dormitories, they can accommodate a request for visiting group too.  Best to pre-arrange any activity request ahead so that trekking guides can be informed earlier. The homestay owner also provides transportation service from Kota Kinabalu Airport/Kota Kinabalu City by request.

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Article last reviewed: December 2, 2021

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