Tegudon Tourism Village

Kota Belud is notable for its many campsites and Tegudon Tourism Village (TTV), about 15km from the ‘Cowboy’ town  or 1.5 hrs drive from Kota Kinabalu is among the most visited and much-photographed thanks to its picturesque view.

To reach here, you can opt to take an Express Bus (Bas Ekspres) from the Terminal Bus Station at Jalan Padang, Bandaran Berjaya. The departure time will be from 8.30am until 2.00pm with an estimated cost of RM10.00. Upon reaching Kota Belud town or the taxi stand, find a taxi and get to Tegudon Village which is about 30 minutes drive away from the town. The paved road condition also makes it easily accessible by campers that brought along their own vehicles with the convenient to park by their respective hut or campsite.

Visitors can either set their own camp or rent from the TTV centre. Those looking for extra leg rooms can rent the basic hut. While you might likely bring along your own food and camp-size cooking gear, the TTV community can prep cooked meals for your stay too. Just give them a heads-up at least 3 days before. There is also a small tuck shop that supplies some snacks and basic necessities in case any items slipped your mind when packing.

While at TTV, visitors can sign up for hiking with a local guide to Bukit Bendera and Wasai Waterfall. Bukit Bendera will give hikers a delightful view of the hilly terrain backed with a stunning view of Mount Kinabalu from another viewpoint. If Wasai Waterfall couldn’t convince you to take a dip, the cool yet refreshing waters from the flowing Wariou River never missed.  Even during a hot day, the water remain cool and so inviting. You can commonly see people spending time sitting on the rocky river playfully splashing each other while some laze on the big rubber tube.  Be it sunrise, mid-day, sunset and at night time, the dynamic view of the area is always so impressive. At night time clear sky reveal millions of stars, enchanting campers and stargazers from around the world.

If you are planning to visit, it is recommended to book in advance for arrangement and campsite availability.

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Tegudon Tourism Village

Article last reviewed: April 30, 2024

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