Anyaman Serdang, Kampung Pangkalan Abai

The Bajau-Sama community of Kota Belud have been producing Serdang handicrafts for generations. The typical almost cone-shaped handicrafts known as ‘tenduang’ is traditionally used as food cover. Today, it is creatively used as a gift basket, decorations and more. They have also elaborated the Serdang handicrafts range into baskets and decorative boxes.

In Kampung Pangkalan Abai, visitors are able to see first-hand how the creative process takes place. They collect the leaves, boil, dyed and dry them before they are ready to be weaved. The Malaysian Handicrafts has taken notice of these authentic and unique artworks by the Bajau community, and thus have been actively assisting the weavers with promoting and expanding the market of this sophisticated crafts.

The price of Serdang handicrafts varies depending on the level of difficulty to produce, size and shape.



Article last reviewed: August 23, 2022

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